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A freemium version of Navitel Navigator 9.3 with unlimited free period is now available for Android device users.

In this new version of Navitel Navigator 9.3, as soon as the 7-day trial period expires, the program switches to limited functionality mode.

In freemium mode, the following features will be disabled:

— Route planning and navigation;
— Voice guidance;
— 3D map;
— Traffic jams;
— Lane assistance.

In order to use the Premium version of Navitel Navigator you need to purchase a license key.

Other changes in the new version:

  • 7-day trial period;
  • Fixed the memory usage by the file cache;
  • Reduced power consumption by the application;
  • Fixed route visualization errors;
  • Improved navigation inside tunnels;
  • Fixed address search errors when working with an atlas of several maps;
  • Other small fixes that improve the stability of the program;

Android users can update to Navitel Navigator 9.3 from the DOWNLOADS page on the official NAVITEL® website or via Google Play.

Download Navitel Navigator from Google Play

Also, now you can not only purchase an unlimited map license, but purchase it for a certain period of time.* For $2 or more, depending on the countries included, you can buy a detailed map for 1 month or 1 year. You can extend or refuse your subscription after the paid period expires.

* Subscription is available for all existing navigation map packages, except for maps of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, as well as except for any packages containing at least one map of these countries.