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The updated Q3 2014 maps of Brazil, Mexico, Maldives and Philippines are available to the users of Navitel Navigator.

The updated maps contain 1 890 294 km of road graph, 2 381 245 POI, 264 889 settlements, allowing address search and providing road network for 7 370 of them, including detailed search of bungalows on the map of Maldives.

Visual representation of roads, traffic jams and routes has been ameliorated; addresses have been specified, as well as indication of forbidden turns improved.


The map of Brazil includes 5 564 settlements, allowing address search for 5 060 of them. The POI database includes 2 319 234 POI. Length of the road graph on the map of Brazil is 1 139 802 km.


The map of Mexico includes 257 137 settlements, allowing address search and providing road network for 1 964. The POI database includes 36 291 POI. Length of the road graph is 683 286 km.


The map of Maldives includes 745 islands. The road length of the detailed road network of Malé, the capital of the country, and Addu Atoll is 388 km. The map contains 1 557 POI. Bungalows of 45 islands where 58 hotels are located are available for search on the map.


The map of Philippines includes 1 453 settlements, allowing address search for 301 of them. The POI database includes 24 163 POI. Length of the road graph on the map of Philippines is 66 818 km.

The map of each country includes residential and industrial objects and sites of cities, towns and settlements allowing address search, highly detailed road network including streets and roads and taking into account road directions, as well as interchanges, roundabouts and other important information.

Visit the "Coverage" section of the website to get more information on new maps, available for other countries.

Important! Please note that Q3 2014 maps are compatible only with and later versions of Navitel Navigator.