Navitel Monitoring system update

6 March 2017

NAVITEL® announces the release of an updated version of Navitel Monitoring - intelligent dispatch system for tracking the location and status of mobile and stationary objects in real time.

Логотип компании NAVITEL

Telematic system Navitel Monitoring is available to users at any location via web interface. It can display the exact coordinates of the objects and important parameters including mileage, the speed, direction of travel, the fuel consumption. Data is collected from devices and gauges installed on vehicles, then processed on the server and instantly appeared on the monitor in the dispatch center.

Displaying all objects on the map in a single click

The ability to view all monitoring of objects on the map at the same time is added to the new version. To display them on the interface of dispatching system a special icon is designed. You can group objects to obtain detailed information about their location.

Convenient report processing

At the request of Navitel Monitoring users reports on speeding in geofences were added. It can be formed for any object of monitoring. The new version has improved progress indicator for speeding reports in geofences and pressing the alarm button. Now users can export data to FTP-server through the "Tasks" functionality. In addition, export reports in .xls format is implemented in the updated version of the monitoring system.

Visual assessment of data actuality

If the information from the monitoring objects is not available for some time, the color of the cursor, corresponding to the vehicle on the map, will be changed. A special color scale in the bottom left corner of the map is added, which helps to understand how long the information hasn’t been updated on the object. Thus, on the basis of visual evaluation operator can request the latest data from the tracker through the program interface.

New feature to create geofence along the route and the track

It is possible for users to create geofences in the Navitel Monitoring. This feature helps to effectively monitor deviations from the route. When monitoring object exits the geofence a special warning appears on the monitor screen of the dispatching company.

Two new features to create geofence zones - along the route and on the track – are available in the updated version of the software. To do so, you can click on route or the current track, then in pop-up window click on the button "Add geofence" and set its width.

Other changes in Navitel Monitoring:

  • Ability to disable parking detector is added.
  • The possibility of URL configuration of an external site is implemented.
  • Self-registration procedure in the web version is improved.
  • Car search through the identification number of the tracker is added.
  • Performance of lists of statistics and monitoring objects by trips is fixed.
  • Display of start/stop events on the map is fixed.
  • Start receiving data from the trackers that did not sent data for a long time is accelerated.
  • Support for new trackers Coban GPS103-B and Jimi GT350 is implemented.
  • New relaying protocol SOAP (Olimpstroy/ASU SLM) is implemented.
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