The company is expanding the map coverage of Asian countries. Now for users Navitel Navigator the detailed map of Mongolia becomes available.

The map of Mongolia contains 151 243 km of the road graph, 543 cities and towns, 417 906 unique addresses and 26 363 POI. Residential and industrial infrastructure of cities and towns with address search, detailed road network, including streets and roads, taking into account the direction of traffic, junctions, circular movements and other relevant navigation information is available on the map.

In the capital of Mongolia Ulaanbaatar address search is available with home-to-home details. For the convenience of users, information on the number of stories of buildings has also been added.

The map of Mongolia by Navitel Navigator contains up-to-date and regularly updated data on the infrastructure of cities and towns. A vast database of POI includes petrol stations and ATMs, cafes and restaurants, hospitals, shops and other important urban infrastructure.

During navigating the driver receives all the necessary information for a safe and fast trip: three alternative routes to choose from, voice prompts, road lanes, as well as warnings about traffic cameras. The program informs the user about the speed limits on each section of the road and notifies in case of exceeding the set speed.

The retail license cost:

The license type The term of the license The cost
For smartphones and tablets Termless 27 €
1 year 22 €
For personal navigation devices Termless 33 €

The license for the map of Mongolia can be purchased on the NAVITEL® website in the "Applications" section.

Users of Navitel Navigator on iPhone/iPad and devices with Android and Windows Phone can purchase license keys to the map of Mongolia from the main menu of the program: Menu > My Navitel > Buy maps.

Important! Please note that the navigation map of Mongolia release Q1 2019 works only with the version Navitel Navigator 9.10.1996 and above.