NAVITEL ® announces the launch of NAVITEL R600 GPS. The innovations expand the range of device with the function of warning about control cameras, potentially dangerous places and service tune-up.

Compact and easy-to-use dashcam will be your main assistants on the road and parking. Devices record high-quality video in Full HD quality at 30 frames per second. The 4-layer glass lens provides an angle of view of 170°, allowing a wide section of the road to be removed ahead of the car, including adjacent lanes and a shoulder.

NAVITEL R600 GPS equipped with a motion sensor that makes available automatically start recording when a moving object is detected near your car. Thanks to the G-sensor, all video recordings made during sharp braking, acceleration or impact are stored on the device memory card and protected from rewriting. And the presence of parking mode permit dashcams to automatically turn on and record video in case of impact, even if the driver is out of the car.

The built-in GPS antenna, mounted on NAVITEL R600 GPS, set aside the driver to obtain up-to-date information about control cameras, potentially dangerous locations and all available services that can be useful on the go.

You can adjust the sensitivity of the impact sensor, control the parking mode, view and save photo and video materials, and share them on social networks directly from your smartphone.

To display the current location of control cameras, potentially dangerous places and service services, we recommend that you regularly update the video recorder firmware. For detailed update instructions, please visit NAVITEL®'s official website in the «Update your dashcam» section now.