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NAVITEL® - the supplier of automotive and electronic market leading solutions announces 1 500 000 devices have been sold in CE Europe. Since June 2019 till May 2020 customers purchased next 500 000 Navitel products.

„Since the company has been founded, we notice a steady increase in interest in our products. Started with personal navigation devices with the development of the company we are gradually extending Navitel portfolio. Last year we managed to freshen up the offer and add new products e.g. dashboard cameras with Night Vision function, which were well-received in the market and another car accessories. Our motto is a continuous growth and meeting the needs of the clients. We improve the quality of the devices all the time. Unfortunately the current situation in the world connected with the epidemic also affected our brand. The transport market badly suffered, people travel less than before, it is all understandable. That is why we decided to release an update for our dashcams, which adds a function of web camera. Buying a Navitel product the client receives multifunctional device to use not only at home or for work purposes, but also in the car. We still have been working on the new, we have a lot of innovative ideas and concepts, and we do believe all of them will be accomplished in the near future. New devices will be launched and that is what we can reveal at the moment. Information about 1,5 million of sold products motivates Navitel team even more to hard, but such a satisfying work. We hope that we will be able to enjoy the end results very soon” – says Tobiasz Jankowski, CEO NAVITEL Europe.