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NAVITEL has introduced on the market its brand-new NAVITEL R480 2K car DVR. The device is equipped with wide-format optics, highly photosensitive CMOS matrix, a shock sensor and a rear camera for extra road security.


The functional NAVITEL R480 2K DVR is meant to become a reliable partner for any driver and will never miss a single important detail. Such qualities are achieved thanks to the SONY IMX335 sensor that provides high-quality Quad HD (2560x1440) output and wide viewing angle of 160°. Outstanding visibility in dark conditions is achieved by photosensitive STARVIS CMOS matrix that is broadly used in industrial video surveillance systems. This technology allows NAVITEL R480 2K to capture action in almost complete darkness.

This brand-new DVR is equipped with an auxiliary camera* that can be placed in the back of the car. By doing this owners will be able to record “blind” and rear zones of their vehicles. High quality Full HD (1920x1080 pixel) video output and a wide viewing angle of 136° make the rear camera a reliable witness in any road accident. In addition to that, the module can be rotated 360°, which allows taking a video inside the car if necessary.

NAVITEL R480 2K interface is simple and convenient. All pieces of information, as well as recording video output, are displayed on a 2" IPS screen. Buttons mapped to the right of the monitor allow to easily adjust video quality, turn parking mode and microphone on or off. Moreover, the owner can adjust sensitivity of the G-sensor according to their driving habits. In case of emergency, if the sensor receives an amount of vibration that is higher than the user-defined threshold, current video will be saved into a non-rewriteable protected folder.

This dash camera is special not only because of its intuitive interface and advanced tech, but also thanks to its convenient mounting process. NAVITEL R480 2K’s bracket is fitted by a 3M-tape piece, the front camera can be attached with a built-in magnetic conductive holder. Subsequently, owners will not have to unplug cords from the device every time they need to take NAVITEL R480 2K home or put it in the glove box.

The new DVR is powered by the vehicle’s on-board grid via a car charger with USB-C connector that comes with DVR. A gift voucher for NAVITEL Navigator with one-year access to maps of more than 45 countries around the globe is also included in the bundle**.

* Please note that the rearview camera is not water-resistant, so NAVITEL recommend mounting it only inside the vehicle.
** Please note that the code in this voucher will only work with Android-based smartphones and tablets.