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The brand-new DVR comes fit with a high-quality matrix that is capable of Full HD video shooting and boasts a wide viewing angle of 135°. What is more, it has a compact 1.47” IPS screen and a Wi-Fi module for remote control via your smartphone.


The GC2053 camera sensor outputs high-quality Full HD video in any lighting conditions, be it a dark night or a sunny day. The DVR is equipped with a six-layer 135 degrees wide lens that captures even minor details like signs, license plates, traffic lights and pedestrians on roadsides. The IR layer applied to DVR’s camera minimizes image fading and overshooting when it sharply turns dark or brightens up. For instance, this feature is very useful when entering a tunnel or leaving it behind.

NAVITEL R35 has no buttons except for a power switch, so it is controlled exclusively via Wi-Fi from Navitel DVR Center application for Android and iOS devices. It allows to manage dashcam settings, watch and save recorded videos, as well as to instantly share them on social networks and messengers. For your convenience our DVR is equipped with a compact 1.47” screen, which transmits video feed from camera and indicates whether microphone, Wi-Fi and microSD card are active. A high-quality IPS matrix provides wide viewing angles of the screen, so it is very easy to set up your dashcam on the desired position for optimal view.

Our fresh release comes with a G-sensor to capture emergencies on video. It can be triggered by sharp maneuvers or impacts that are followed by a signal that would command the device to save current video into a protected folder. Sensitivity of this module is adjustable, so it can be adapted to driving conditions or turned off completely to prevent false activation on rough terrains and off-road tracks. In addition, the dashcam works in parking mode when connected to a power controller. NAVITEL Smart Box Max allows the brand-new DVR to automatically record emergencies, even if the driver is away and vehicle’s ignition is off.

NAVITEL R35 supports microSD cards with up to 128 GB of storage and is packed with a 12/24V car charger. In addition, a gift key for Navitel Navigator app for Android OS devices can be found in every box with this dashcam. It grants you access to a year-long subscription to maps of more than 45 countries around the globe. Feel free to use it!