Auto Cup Holder


Auto cup holder is a device for keeping temperature of the drinks ideal. Thanks to the two operation modes – "Heating" and "Cooling" – your favourite coffee will stay hot even in winter, and chilly summer drinks will not get heated in summer time. This useful car accessory is a perfect present for the near and dear as well as a great device for those who value their time.

The auto cup holder is suitable for any cars as it powers from 12 V. The device can be connected to the cigarette lighter outlet and the driver can be sure that a cup of hot tea or cooling juice will keep a great company even in a long trip.

Please note that only use of original adapters guarantees long and stable work of your electronic devices.

EAN: 8594181741347


  • Auto cup holder
  • Stand
  • Car charger
  • User manual
  • Warranty card