Autofon SE+ Mayak

Basic functions

The "AutoFon SE+ Mayak" device is used to obtain coordinates and determine precise location of the vehicle (object) in which it is installed, and then send this data to the owner via SMS by using the GSM connection, or via storing it on a special server using the GPRS protocol. AutoFon SE+ Mayak is built on a new hardware platform v.6.x, which allows broadening functionality of the device and improving its characteristics.

Website of the manufacturer

Settings of the tracker:

Port 30124

Settings in the monitoring system:

New object of monitoring GPS tracker
Brand Autofon
Model SE-Plus-Mayak
IMEI/ID 123451234512345
Autofon – brand of the device.
123451234512345 – IMEI/ID (the unique 15-digit number of the device).