BCE FM Blue Plus

Basic functions

BCE FM Blue+ – is a device with GPS/GLONASS and GSM connectivity, designed for object tracking. It is able to acquire information on object location, speed, direction, and transfer the data via GSM network. Digital and analogue inputs of the device may be used to connect different external sensors/devices. Outputs of the device may be used to remotely control external equipment. FM Blue+ is able to read FMS CAN data (protocol J1939) from vehicles. Flexible configuration allows users/dealers to adjust the device to meet their specific requirements.

Website of the manufacturer

Settings of the tracker:

Port 30136

Settings in the monitoring system:

New object of monitoring GPS tracker
Brand BCE
Model FM Blue Plus
IMEI/ID 9999999999
BCE – brand of the device.
9999999999 – IMEI/ID (the unique 15-digit number of the device).