GalileoSky GLONASS-GPS v4.0

Basic functions

The specialty of this device model is that the original GSM module is accompanied by an additional Iridium satellite model. As a result, GALILEOSKY GLONASS/GPS v4.0 is able to transmit information about precise location of a vehicle as well as its condition even when mobile network is not in reach, thereby making this device a highly cross-functional and hardly broken tool for vehicle monitoring and control even in the most remote areas.

Website of the manufacturer

Settings of the tracker:

Port 30100

Settings in the monitoring system:

New object of monitoring GPS tracker
Brand GalileoSky
Model GLONASS-GPS v4.0
IMEI/ID 123451234512345
GalileoSky – brand of the device.
123451234512345 – IMEI/ID (the unique 15-digit number of the device).