Ruptela FM-Tco4

Basic functions

Besides monitoring general parameters of a vehicle, this device provides the possibility to read and transmit data that is contained in the onboard computer of the vehicle. The device is applicable to any type of vehicle. FM-Tco4 can read standards of the FMS, LCV, and J1708 onboard computers as well as perform remote transmission of digital tachograph data. In addition to that, the device has the DUAL CAN functionality, which allows it to read and transmit data from the onboard computer and tachograph simultaneously.

Website of the manufacturer

Settings of the tracker:

Port 7001

Settings in the monitoring system:

New object of monitoring GPS tracker
Brand Ruptela
Model FM-Tco4
IMEI/ID 123451234512345
Ruptela – brand of the device.
123451234512345 – IMEI/ID (the unique 15-digit number of the device).