Teltonika FM3400

Basic functions

FM3400 is light terminal with GPS and GSM connectivity, which is able to get device coordinates and other data and transfer them via GSM network.
Implemented Jamming detection functionality allows user to see, then GSM signal is being jammed and device can notify driver about it.
This device is perfectly suitable for applications where location acquirement of remote objects is needed. So you can track your remote objects quickly and easily.
FM3400 can perform tasks on remote objects, such as monitoring engine status, controlling truck's door etc. In case of losing connection FM3400 can store up to 100000 records, and once the connection is established the device will send stored data via GPRS. So you won't lose your data coordinates, sensors data and etc.).

Website of the manufacturer

Settings of the tracker:

Port 30127

Settings in the monitoring system:

New object of monitoring GPS tracker
Brand Teltonika
Model FM3400
IMEI/ID 123451234512345
Teltonika – brand of the device.
123451234512345 – IMEI/ID (the unique 15-digit number of the device).