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Dear friends,

NAVITEL® is happy to announce the new software version for its dashboard cameras*.

The new firmware allows turning your dashcam into a fully-featured webcam with high-definition video and high-quality sound, which is an especially useful feature at this time as more people move on to remote work during the period of self-isolation**.

All you need to do is to update the firmware of your NAVITEL® dashcam and connect it to the PC, where you can choose the mode you want to use. The dashboard camera has a high-quality lens with a wide angle of view, so it can fit a few people in the picture at the same time. The in-built microphone frees you from the need to connect additional recording devices.

Another feature of the new software version is the direct view of photo and video content from the dashcam when it is connected to the PC.

Enjoy talking with your close ones, hold business meetings and conferences, participate in online educational courses and pass exams without leaving your house, where NAVITEL® dashcams will become your helpers not only on the road, but at home too!

A more detailed instruction for software update can be found at our official website under Technical Support tab.

* The firmware is available for NAVITEL R650 NV. The list of models will be continuously updated. Follow the news at our website and social networks.

** In the light of COVID-19.