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for updating the dashcams
(PC Camera, Mass Storage)

1. Download the update for the dashcam on the site in the "Update the dashcam" section.

2. Update the dashcam. You can find detailed update instructions here.

3. After updating, turn off the dashcam.

4. Connect the dashcam with USB cable to PC (Windows/MacOS).
Use the connector on the device. When using the connector on the holder, extended functionality is not available and only the device will be charged.

5. After connecting to PC, dialog box for selecting mode will appear on the screen of the dashcam:

  • • Mass Storage: the dashcam is connected to the PC as USB drive, files recorded on the microSD-card will be available through the PC explorer. For convenient viewing and editing of recorded files use "Navitel DVR Player";
  • • PC Camera: dashcam will switch to webcam mode for PC;
  • • Record: the dashcam will enter Record mode (REC) if it has microSD card

6. When you select PC Camera mode, drivers will be installed on the PC for the first time.

Make sure your PC is connected to the Internet and do not disconnect the dashcam during drivers installation.

7. After installing the drivers, check that the dashcam in PC Camera mode is working correctly.

If the automatic installation of the drivers failed, update them as follows:

• During the upgrade, re-verify that your PC is connected to the Internet.
Device Manager > Cameras tab > Right-click on the dashcam model > Properties > “Driver” tab > “Update Driver”.

• MacOS does not require driver updates for PC Camera mode. If the dashcam is not working properly, check the USB connection with the PC.