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It is often crucial to have information about traffic jams when you are about to plan an efficient and fast route. Thanks to this service, Navitel Navigator can receive information about current traffic situation, and then display it on the screen. When this service is turned on, roads on the map are colored in accordance to their traffic density.

Red — traffic jam

Orange — slow speed

Yellow — normal speed

Green — high speed

In addition to that, information from the Navitel.Traffic service can be taken into account by the program when planning the route, which may turn into a longer, but faster route. The program considers both the maximum possible travel speed and the user settings of the minimum time or shortest route preference.

If you want the Navitel.Traffic service to display jams on the map, select Menu > Settings > Online services, and then switch the "Show jams on map" option on.

If you want the program to consider traffic information when planning routes, in the Online services menu, switch the "Use jams for automatic routing" option on.

For better experience of the service, it is recommended to put the icon of this service on the toolbar. For that, select Menu > Settings > Interface > Map buttons, and then enable the Navitel.Traffic icon display.

The Navitel.Traffic icon changes the color depending on how up-to-date the traffic information is.

Up-to-date data – Up-to-date data.

Outdated data – Outdated data.

No data – No data.

Loading data – Loading data.

Turned off – Turned off.

On top of this, the icon displays a number value from 1 to 9, indicating density of the traffic.

By tapping this icon on the toolbar you can quickly access settings of the service, where you can enable or disable the "Show jams on map" and "Use jams for automatic routing" options. There you can also update the traffic information manually, by tapping the Update now button.

This service is provided at no cost and covers significantly more territory than its analogues. Information about traffic density is available for all regions with a decent number of active users of Navitel Navigator.