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Navitel R1000 Application

The must-have application for owners of NAVITEL R1000 DVR. The app allows you to control your DVR from a smartphone or tablet.

• Adjust the settings of NAVITEL R1000 DVR
• View video and images on the screen of your smartphone or tablet
• Save the footage in your mobile device's memory
• Share videos via messengers and social networks
• Format an SD-card in your NAVITEL R1000 DVR

Navitel R1000 App establishes the connection with the DVR via a Wi-Fi network. After successful connection, users can view video recordings and images from the dash camera on the screen of their smartphones or tablets in real time. Save videos and photos taken on the road in the mobile device's memory and instantly share fragments of the footage via popular instant messengers or on social networks.

Navitel R1000 Appmanaging the settings of the DVR will fall directly into your hands. Change the settings of NAVITEL R1000 dash camera from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. The application also allows you to format the DVR's memory card.

Download APK file for Android.

Wi-Fi app installation

1. Download application to your smartphone or tablet, follow the instructions of your smartphone when installing. You can also go to the webpage with the installation file by scanning QR-code available in the App QR Code section of the DVR Settings.

2. Choose Wifi in Settings menu, press On.

3. Connect your mobile phone to the DVR through Wi-Fi connections. In the list of available networks, the DVR will be displayed as NAVITEL r1000-e-XX. When connecting to the network of the DVR, use the password provided in the WiFi CARCAM section of Settings menu.

4. Run the app, in opened window press Add new device.

5. Choose your DVR device in the list. Now you can capture video or photo via the app. Note, that DVR's menu is unavailable when the app is on. To switch between photo and video modes, slide the Capture icon left / right.

6. In the Setting menu you can control DVR functions as well as select video ratio and format your SD card.

NAVITEL® Team is constantly working to improve the software. Your feedback on the quality of work and the usability of the application will help us make it better. Send your ideas and comments to: