Instructions for update of dashboard cameras with GPS

  1. Insert the microSD card into the DVR. Use a high-speed SD card (Class10 or above); capacity should be within 8-64 GB.

  2. Connect the car charger. The DVR will turn on.


    • To avoid malfunctions of the DVR and / or SD-card, don’t insert and remove SD-card during DVR operation.
    • Before using a microSD card, please format it inside the DVR to avoid data errors. For formatting the SD-card in Menu mode select Format SD-card and confirm it.
    • Don’t shut off the power during DVR update in no case.
  3. Turn off the DVR and remove the microSD card.

  4. Using the card reader, copy the SD_CarDV.bin file to the root directory of the microSD card.

  5. Put the microSD card into the DVR.

  6. Turn on the DVR.
    The update will begin. “Read File”, then “Write Firmware”, and then “Write Done” will be displayed on the screen. Wait for the update to finish. Do not turn off the DVR or disconnect the charger. The SD_CarDV.bin file will be automatically deleted from the microSD card and the DVR will turn off.

  7. Turn on the DVR. The update has been completed.