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Navitel DVR Center Application

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Navitel DVR Center* is the application for owners of DVRs with the Wi-Fi module. The app allows you to control your DVR from a smartphone or a tablet.

• Adjust the settings of your DVR
• View video and images on the screen of your smartphone or tablet
• Save the footage in your mobile device's memory
• Share videos via messengers and social networks
• Format an SD-card in your Navitel DVR Center

Navitel DVR Center App Navitel DVR Center establishes a connection with the DVR via a Wi-Fi network. Thanks to the mobile App managing the settings of the DVR will literally at your hands.

*The mobile app for the DVRs with Wi-Fi modules.

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NAVITEL DVR center-4 Download APK file for Android.

Wi-Fi app installation

1. Download and install Navitel DVR Center to your cell phone or tablet, follow your mobile device instructions. You can download application by scan QR code in DVR’s Menu (App QR Code) with your cell phone.

2. Turn on a Wi-Fi in DVR’s Menu (Wi-Fi) and in your mobile device settings.

3. Run the app. Choose your DVR in the list. The DVR’s information is in DVR’s Menu (Wi-Fi Navitel).

4. Connect your mobile device to the DVR through Wi-Fi. If necessary use the password. You can change it in DVR’s Menu (Wi-Fi password).

5. Using the Navitel DVR Center you can:
• save, view, delete and send videos and photos as well as watch DVR’s video in real time on the mobile device screen,
• control DVR functions in Settings menu: configure parking mode, impact sensor, video mode and format your SD card.

NAVITEL® Team is constantly working to improve the software. Your feedback on the quality of work and the usability of the application will help us make it better. Send your ideas and comments to: